French Doors, a Rusty Nail and Mercury

I wanted antique french doors for the entrance to the den to set the aesthetic of the room. I felt the style would be more inviting than a traditional interior door, plus when propped open, the narrow dimensions of a French Door would ensure the cabinets were not obstructed. Unfortunately as we were still inContinue reading “French Doors, a Rusty Nail and Mercury”

The Bear Den-Part 2

When I first thought about converting the bedroom to a den I was thinking of opening an entrance in the wall that is next to our entryway. The thought was we would wall over the doorway from the hall. When we talked through the dimensions of the room, and considered where the windows and heatContinue reading “The Bear Den-Part 2”

In the Gutter

As we headed into our first fall a couple months after we moved in we realized that the eaves through was installed incorrectly and the water wasn’t flowing to the downspouts. Instead it was building up in the gutter, except where the seams were not sealed and it was leaking. In several places there wereContinue reading “In the Gutter”

Windows and Doors

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. I say the door of a house is a gateway to refuge and repose while it’s windows are portals that should bring light and energy but still contribute to a feeling of shelter and security. Unfortunately, while our windows were new, there were some outstandingContinue reading “Windows and Doors”

Every Woman Needs a Closet

I decided the first project I needed to complete would have to be my closet. It was in rough shape and it needed to be cleaned up before my clothes could be put away, so it was a necessary choice. I also wanted to try my hand at wall paper so a closet was aContinue reading “Every Woman Needs a Closet”

Journey of restoration

Hi, I’m Kim and welcome to my blog. My fiancé George and I bought a cute little house in the Lakeview area of Mississauga Ontario during the midst of the pandemic. The size was perfect for the two of us and our cat Xena, with a great yard, ample parking, and a quiet neighbourhood. WhileContinue reading “Journey of restoration”