We’re Kim and George

Our passions when we’re not working on our house include pool, travel, history, baseball, food and music. When we bought our house I joked that it would be our 40 year project. At the time I was thinking we’d fix the cosmetic issues and I could play with the decor constantly for the next 40 years. Turns out the house has been a bit more like the movie The Money Pit so far but we’ll make it right and enjoy it while we do.

Me, September 2020. In April 2020 I started down a path of healing and wellness, improving my mindfulness, taking better care of both my mental health and physical well being. I recognized that if I was going to survive the pandemic, I needed to be the best version of myself. This period of self-reflection has helped me to rediscover my passions for cooking, baking, crafting and writing. I love creating! I am at my happiest when I take something and build it into something new to share with friends and family.
Xena the Warrior Princess dressed up as a monster for Hallowe’en 2020
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