French Doors, a Rusty Nail and Mercury

I wanted antique french doors for the entrance to the den to set the aesthetic of the room. I felt the style would be more inviting than a traditional interior door, plus when propped open, the narrow dimensions of a French Door would ensure the cabinets were not obstructed. Unfortunately as we were still in retail lockdown in Ontario at this time I really couldn’t get out to any of the antique shops to look around and I wasn’t finding what I wanted in the right dimensions online. This got my creative juices flowing and I searched Pinterest for a solution. I learned of a technique for ageing wood using a solution called the Rusty Nail Wood stain.

One distinct feature I wanted the doors to have was the look of mercury glass. I was able to create this look using metallic spray paint, vinegar and water.

I still have to add hardware. Still looking for the perfect solution. Little hard to get out and shop antiques lately but we’ll update the post when we finish this part. Other than that, I absolutely love the way the doors turned out! Let me know what you think in the comments.

If you’re interested in more details on this project including full list of supplies, equipment used and instructions click here.


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