In the Gutter

As we headed into our first fall a couple months after we moved in we realized that the eaves through was installed incorrectly and the water wasn’t flowing to the downspouts. Instead it was building up in the gutter, except where the seams were not sealed and it was leaking.

In several places there were gaps in the soffit and fascia giving home to the local starlings and sparrows. We had a couple inspections done by trusted vendors and learned we would need to rip everything out and start fresh. This was especially aggravating since it was all supposed to be brand new having been installed by the previous owner after the 2nd floor had been completed. Not sure if I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. You get what you pay for. The material that was used was a good quality but the cuts were frequently incorrect, installation was careless, and as you can see in the pictures the job was not complete.

Mind the gap (good advice on the TTC, not so much on your house)

We hired a company that came highly recommended by our neighbours and we’re so grateful to have been able to get them out quickly to complete the work because of their personal connection. Most contractors were booked well out due to the amount of people doing home renovation during the pandemic. The work was done quickly and to the highest standard, and we’re pleased with the results. We also had them add gutter guards which will save us (George) a lot of extra maintenance work for years to come.

What a difference. Even the temperature of the house was a lot more stable after this work was completed.

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